Are you tired of relying on mom and dad to feed you the share? Need to make money fast? Why not do something about it? You don’t need to have a driver’s license to make money. In fact, there are many ways to make money fast without having to rely on weekly chores.

1. Washing cars: Just because you can’t drive them doesn’t mean you can’t wash them. Start a neighborhood car wash. To make even more money, choose to also include an interior vacuuming and window washing service in your business.

Car wash is an annoying task that most working working adults are more than willing to pay you. So take advantage and start rubbing yourself.

2. Make weekly deliveries: Check the yellow pages or ads in your local community for businesses that may need a dealer. Deliveries are easy to make and allow you to enjoy the sun. Ride a bike, use a roller shovel or just walk around the neighborhood in cash.

3. Offer a dog walking service: Many people are too tired after a long day of work to walk their puppies. Offer to get the little fur balls out of your neighbors ’hands for an hour and start a dog walking business.

Pick up as many dogs as you can, charge a fee and go to the park or around the block after school. Dogs and their owners will thank you! And your wallet too.