How Bitcoin works

Bitcoins are a decentralized form of cryptocurrency. That is, they are not regulated by a financial institution or government. As such, unlike a traditional bank account, you don’t need a long list of paperwork such as identification to establish what is known as a bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin wallet is the one you will use […]

6 most common mistakes new Bitcoin traders make

Are you thinking of getting started in the world of cryptocurrency trading? If so, be sure to avoid the most common mistakes. It will be better than most crypto traders avoiding these mistakes. The interesting thing is that almost all traders make these mistakes without even realizing it. Without further ado, let’s check out the […]

Is it feasible to invest in Bitcoin?

Chances are you read this article after the latest Bitcoin value jump frenzy, which saw it within walking distance of $ 20,000. You are now looking for reasons to invest in this cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Here are some of the reasons why you should: MORE TO COME The first thing a lot of people […]

5 Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, you need to speculate on whether the market you have chosen will increase or decrease in value. And the interesting thing is that you never own the digital asset. Actually, trading is done with derivative products like CFDs. Let’s look at the advantages of cryptocurrency trading. Read on for […]

Is cryptocurrency the future of money?

What will the future of money look like? Imagine entering a restaurant and looking at the digital menu board of your favorite combination food. Only, instead of being priced at $ 8.99, it is shown as 009 BTC. Can crypto really be the future of money? The answer to this question depends on the general […]

What is a cryptocurrency ICO?

ICO is the abbreviation for the initial supply of coins. When launching a new digital currency or cryptocurrency, developers offer investors a limited number of units in exchange for other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. ICOs are amazing tools for rapidly pouring development funds to support new cryptocurrencies. The tokens offered during an […]

Nano Coin compared to Nexty Coin – Crypto

Nano and Nexty: Are these real and practical cash alternatives? Let’s find out! Blockchain is no longer a trendy geek talk. Bitcoin revolutionized the way many of us view currencies, ledgers, fund transfers and transactions. The beauty of all virtual currencies is that almost every one of them tries to solve a problem. And this […]

How to use a free Bitcoin generator

Bitcoin is the new cryptocurrency designed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2007 and born in the business world in 2009, widely accepted by a large number of investors as it promises a higher return on their investments. Bitcoin is used in many countries as an alternative currency. Many bitcoin companies have been established by expanding their […]

An introduction to Blockchain technology for beginners

Today, technology is scaling new levels of success at an incredibly fast pace. One of the latest triumphs in this direction is the evolution of Blockchain technology. New technology has greatly influenced the financial sector. In fact, it was initially developed for Bitcoin, the digital currency. But now it also finds its application in other […]